Book Review: Atomic Habits By James Clear

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Book Atomic Habits By James Clear

I recently finished reading the wonderful book Atomic Habits by James Clear. This book is about tips and techniques that anyone can adopt to create habits that last.

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Atomic Habits Book Review

Atomic Habits Book Review

This book focuses on how small changes can be made in life by developing good habits and eliminating bad habits that, when repeated and maintained, can have a complex effect that results in a better sense of ourselves. version can be found.

The book has about 20 chapters and each chapter begins with a real-life anecdote about how certain actions affect the life of the person or group described in the anecdote. It sets up the context for the rest of the chapter.

The author also lists enough examples to apply the described techniques to make it easy for the reader to relate them to their own schedule and decide how they can apply the techniques.

Important take- aways from the book

I found the book really informative and while I was reading them I was applying techniques like:

  • Wake up every day at 5 in the morning and have to walk for 15 minutes on the terrace of the house after getting refreshed, then study for 4 hours. This will make it a habit to study after a walk every day.
  • In the evening, go for a short walk outside the house where vegetables and groceries are sold. After coming from there, you have to study.
  • One hour before sleeping, keep the mobile away from you, which will lead to better sleep on time.
  • And so on…

I would highly recommend this book. Every idea shared by the author is easily doable and in my opinion very effective in developing good habits and cutting bad habits. I also plan to use additional modules (available for free to those who purchase the book) shared by the author on applying these techniques to parenting.

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